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RKUHP, Sex Outside of Marriage Is Punishable By 1 Year In Prison : Turns Out To Be Very Influential On The Island of Gods Bali

KOMPASPOPULARNEWS.COM – It is deeply regretted The Republic of Indonesia’s House of Representatives (DPR) passed the Draft Criminal Code (RKUHP) which prohibits sex outside of marriage or adultery.

This regulation resulted in  the cancellation of thousands of flights from Perth, Australia to Bali. This will also indirectly have an impact on the tourism industry in Indonesia.

The reason is, many foreign tourists have finally discouraged going on vacation to Indonesia’s mainstay destinations.

Many foreign tourists fail to come to Bali for vacation and the effect is reduced foreign exchange in the tourism sector.

The Chairperson of DPW MIO Bali online independent media really regrets the government policy regarding this law because the majority in Bali are foreign guests who are on holiday to do tourism in Bali without ever having a government policy like this.

“I hope the government is wiser in making laws during a period of economic revival,” Bramono said. [red/kpn]


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